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For many years, I was looking for my Ultimate's guitar... I had the chance to finally find "Menno Bos". He understood what I was looking for, and during all the process of the construction, he was very open to new ideas, and everytime found solutions. He is incredible "like a magician". His work is meticulous and the result is more than what I was expecting for... I am so proud to know that my guitar is Unique in the world! Everyday, I feel my guitar getting better and better, like a good vine... Thank you so much Menno, as I always say; "Your family name suits you perfectly, you really are the Boss". 

- Jean-Robert Ben Danan (Israël)

I have been playing Menno guitars for the last 10 years or so and the development of the sound is incredible. This guitar, even though it has a cedar top, being the characteristic of cedar a dark sound, thanks to the double top and together with other characteristics of the construction, the sound is very clear. Not only in the bass but also the trebles are much more specific, they are much clearer to be able to make melodies and bring out different colors in each music you play.

I think it's a wonderful guitar.

- Camilo Sauvalle 

Playing Menno’s Flamenca Negra in de Spiegelzaal of the prestigious ‘Het Concertgebouw’. Holy Ground, this world-famous temple of music in Amsterdam. I had the honour to write guitar arrangements of compositions by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Tom Jobim and Johnny Alf and perform the result in a live-concert, broadcast Sunday 26, March 2023. The guitar is Menno’s first ‘Negra’ and I fell in love from the very first notes. Since then, 2015, the beauty never left my side. The instrument is a showcase of Menno’s gift and signature: built as a flamenco guitar, but so much more, with a very powerful bass and extended dynamics, both in volume as well as an enhanced, extremely rich and wide palet of colors. Perfect in the studio, perfect on stage. Love of my life. 

- John van der Veer

Foto: ©AnitaNeve

©AnitaNeve_JvdV-spiegelzaal kopiëren_edited.jpg
230413-guitars 51803.jpg

"I met Menno in 1998 and have seen and sometimes played many of his guitars over the years. In my opinion, he is one of the top guitar luthiers in the world. In his work I've come to know him as a quirky person, very precise, artistic and innovative.

For this guitar the theme would be the Unalome, a buddhist symbol representing the path to our spiritual awakening. To me, this is a cycle within cycles and I designed the inlay of the Rozet myself with that in mind. Menno did a fabulous job in creating this with only wood!"

- Jürgen Rijkers

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