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While studying classical guitar I always realized that guitar compared with other acoustic instruments, does not have a large volume. That’s while playing I have always also looked for the possibilities in the other direction. So, not only playing as loud as possible but also trying to play as soft as possible. From this point of view, it maybe seems a bit strange that I developed a new amplification system for classical guitar. However, there are situations conceivable that you as a player would like to get a little help.

Especially when playing together with other instrumentalists or a small orchestra.

At the request of some well-known Dutch classical  guitar players, I took on the challenge of developing an amplification system that gives the guitar just a little more volume to be on par with other more volume acoustic instruments. I am pleased to present the first prototype. While I fully realize that amplification is a dangerous and perhaps not the right way to reproduce the beauty of the acoustic guitar sound, I think this system is a good compromise for certain situations. However, I'll leave the final judgment to you.


The heart of the system are two microphones in the guitar. These have been developed by Ken Donell over the course of 35 years into a very true-to-life reproduction of the acoustic guitar sound. This, in combination with the amplifier-bench I developed, will give the guitarist the necessary volume support that is often needed in combination with other instruments. For larger volumes, the signal can be routed via a balanced line-out to a larger PA system. The amplifier gives an absolute faithful reproduction of your guitar and is therefore only equipped with a volume control. The entire system is also available in a wireless version.

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